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Welcome to the Legacy Page of the Priests of the Sacred Heart/ Sacred Heat Monastery featuring the Good Steward Society and its Members.

You are invited to join in pray with all of our priests and brothers in gratitude for the generous support these special benefactors have made through their estate plans.


The Good Steward Society was formed to recognize donors who have made a commitment to assist our Priests and Brothers by remembering our work in their estate plans.
Good Steward Society Benefits:

  • Members of the Good Steward Society receive a membership certificate
  • Members are inscribed on the Tree of Life at Sacred Heart Monastery or Sacred Heart at Monastery Lake.
  • Members are enrolled in the Sacred Heart Society.
  • Members are remembered in an Annual Mass at the Sacred Heart Altar in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
  • In addition, members are invited to have their name included along with other Good Steward Society members on these pages.

Thank you to so many of our friends for supporting: seminary education program, work in the missions both overseas and domestic, and parish and pastoral ministries operated by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

You are a Partner with the Priests of the Sacred Heart
 in our mission
of serving God and His people.

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You too can Join!  Thank you for your interest in the Good Steward Society of the Priests of the Sacred Heart.  We hope that you will accept our invitation to become a member.   
The Good Steward Society was formed to recognize those donors who have made a commitment to assist our Priests and Brothers by remembering our work in their estate plans.
There is no greater calling than that of spreading the Love of the Sacred Heart and caring for all His people. Whether we are called to serve among the poor and neglected or to educate men for the priesthood, stewardship is a sacred calling for all of us.
Questions about Estate Planning:

Do I need an estate plan? The answer is "Yes"! Everyone should have in writing what their last wishes are regardless of the size of your estate. Failure to do so allows the State to determine what happens to your assets at your death. Be certain to make known your wishes for your family, loved ones and charitable causes.
How do I begin the process of an estate plan? Estate planning can be a daunting process, but we can help you begin with our Estate Planning Information Series. The Series will walk you through the steps necessary to make certain your wishes are known.
This Series is offered free of charge, confidentially and without obligation. (Click here to receive a copy)
Consider An Estate Gift:

The Priests of the Sacred Heart ask you to consider a gift from your estate to support our ministry and sustain our work for years to come.
What will a gift from my estate accomplish for the Priests of the Sacred Heart? Your
generosity allows us to continue our ministry to those most in need in over 40 countries
around the world, educate men for the priesthood and care for our retired priests who have dedicated their lives to God and His people.
How can I remember the work of the Priests of the Sacred Heart without diminishing
what goes to my loved ones? There are many ways to ensure your loved ones are remembered and assist our work. For example:

  • Bequests - Choose a percentage of your estate, a specific amount or a specific property. Or consider a Residual Bequest; after all your personal expenses (medical, funeral etc.) and specific bequests are paid, the remainder is distributed to the residual beneficiary or beneficiaries.
  • Life Insurance Policies, IRA Beneficiary or Payable on Death Accounts ?Assign what you are leaving to charity by naming the Priests of the Sacred Heart as a beneficiary.
  • Trusts - Choose from many different trust vehicles that can shelter your assets and leave more to your loved ones when you include your favorite charity.

Contact us today to ensure that your intentions for the future of your loved ones and charitable causes are known. Call Pam at 1-866-268-0157 or email her at pmilczarski@poshusa.org.

Dear Friend, 

Through your prayerful support, you are a part of our work of ministering to the poor and neglected, of preaching God's Word throughout the world, and of educating men for the Priesthood.

As I reflect on your goodness, I am reminded of the words of Jesus:  "whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did it to Me."  May God bless you and reward you for all you have done for His Church and for his people!


Remember: The information provided is not professional tax or legal advice; consult an attorney or advisor about your specific situation.