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She left me for another man

She left me for another man

We are so blessed to learn about some of our donors and we appreciate their allowing us to share very personal information as an inspiration to others. Here is the story of one of our friends John and Donna from WA state.

John has written his memories which are the most amazing stories you will read as he describes his life in the Army as Colonel of a Military Policy company of which 2,700 were entrusted to him. John served in Vietnam and Korea. John, however, does not want the limelight on him and his accomplishments, but rather his true inspiration.

"I first became acquainted with the Priests of the Sacred Heart in grade school. Fr. George Pinger, SCJ and Fr. Peter Mariae Miller, SCJ, visited my grade school in MN and spoke about the SCJ mission and to consider a vocation in the priesthood. With the blessings I experienced from the SCJs, I never stopped loving the Sacred Heart and His beloved priests and brothers, supporting them for over 60 years."

John entered the military in __________ and married Donna in 1955. John and Donna were married 62 years and raised 4 children whose accomplishments would make any parent proud.

"In early December of 2017, I mentioned to Donna, that I planned to establish another Sacred Heart Charitable Gift Annuity with the Priests of the Sacred Heart. She responded by suggesting that I put it in her name. Having been diagnosed with an advanced stage of COPD, I asked her why. She surprised me by saying", 'I want to be enrolled in the SCJs Spiritual Society and gain the benefit of their prayers.'

"I was taken aback by her grateful reaction of the get-well card from Fr. Dominic, SCJ. She immediately placed it on her nightstand where it will remain indefinitely along with her rosary and other artifacts."

"Being in our 80's, we had been making the minimum required withdrawals from our IRAs since we turned 70, so I suggested that she use the balance of hers to gain the itemized deduction for a portion of the donation and Donna agreed."

"Three weeks later, on January 2, 2018, she left me for another man! It was none other than Jesus Christ who promised to meet her at the moment of her death if someone recited the Divine Mercy chaplet at her bedside. I led our family in recitation of the chaplet in Donna's last hour on earth. She is now a saint in heaven and as a Super Wife, interred in Arlington National Cemetery."

"Donna was born with the 'spirit of poverty' ingrained in her. She had a limited wardrobe mostly sewed by her, never went to a salon and never hesitated to help others, giving money every September to our daughter Catherine an elementary teacher, to purchase supplies for the poor children."

Years ago I told Donna she should have her own spending money. She asked for what? So you can buy stuff for yourself and not feel my scrutiny. When I suggested $100 per month, she said 'Make it $50'. Several months later she handed me the bundle of cash and said, 'Better put it in the bank'.

"Donna and I have been supporting the Sacred Heart Charitable Gift Annuity program since 2016. The charitable annuity allows for very favorable tax benefits on both the donation and the income and the interest exceeds most other investments.

"Both the SCJs and I were blessed. Her modest lifestyle permitted us to provide financial support to the missionaries who work among the poor in this country and abroad. Donna inspired me to be a better person by her example, unfailing kindness and her numerous acts of mercy toward the less fortunate among us."